About Calvin Whitehurst

Calvin Whitehurst is an Interdisciplinary artist living and working in Milwaukee,WI.

My work is concerned with the conditions that create our sense of reality and the supposed “information givers” that set these conditions. Through my work in collage, sculpture, and painting I explore why and how we follow, where and when we fail in this following, and underline the responsibility the leaders have to the followers.

I am also interested in critical art writing and seeing where this can take me. This blog serves a dual purpose in showing insight into my creative process as well as showcasing my thoughts about the local and broader art context.

Curriculum Vitae

Calvin Whitehurst
614 S. 3rd Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204

Graduated Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design 2011
Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts
Major: Integrated Studio Arts

Group Exhibitions

Weightless Words, Cardinal Stritch University, Glendale, WI (coming soon January 2013)
MARN Mentors Exhibition, Cardinal Stritch University, Glendale, WI
Re-interrupted and Re-instated, The Jazz Gallery, Milwaukee, WI
B Flex II, Center Space, Milwaukee, WI
OOOOOOO Gho$t Show part II, Center Space,Milwaukee, WI
Paper Nation, Effjay Projekts, Sheboygan, WI
One Hit Wonders, Jackpot Gallery, Milwaukee, WI
Peregrine Papers, MDW Fair, Chicago, IL
MIAD Senior Thesis Exhibition, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, Milwaukee, WI
53 Hour Painting Show, Green Gallery West, Milwaukee, WI
Studio Deep Enders, Studio Deep End, Milwaukee, WI
Nut Factory Open House, The Nut Factory, Milwaukee, WI

Land Hands, House Haus, Milwaukee, WI
Student Book Arts, UWM Special Collections, Milwaukee, WI

Chang Dynasty Guerilla Art Show, Comstock Building, Milwaukee, WI
ISA Collaborative Crib Show, Frontier Gallery, Milwaukee, WI
For The Record, Neighbor’s Social Club, Waukesha, WI

Curated Exhibitions
Collage: Milwaukee and Abroad, Small Space, Milwaukee, WI


4 thoughts on “About Calvin Whitehurst

  1. Welcome aboard, Calvin. You’ve just given us the funniest 10 minutes we’ve had all day. We laughed till the tears ran down our legs … no, not your ‘About’ page but your interview with Buck Weber.
    It’s a pleasure to meet you; we’ll row over often.
    Best wishes,
    Miles and Pippa

    • the only thing you can do when youre in my situation is write things like that. The sad thing is a lot of it based off of artists I am surrounded by daily. sigh. glad you liked it.

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