I Live in the Woods Now…

Since I finished school in May 2011 I have struggled to figure out what I am going to do with my life.For reasons that cannot be full explained at this time I have taken up living in the woods as a precautionary safety net. I’ve finally gotten wireless internet access in my stick and tarp dwelling somewhere near Wausau deep in the forests of Northern Wisconsin and this has been my first blog post since living here all summer. The locals here are very friendly but apprehensive at first during my arrival. They’ve shown me how to live off of the land in exchange for stories about what Milwaukee is like. They call Milwaukee “The Big Place from the Before Time”. For those who may be wondering why exactly I have chosen to live so far away I would like to say simply that I am on the run from some unsavory characters. In the last few months of school I came across a secret that has remained hidden for centuries. I can only tell you that it has to do with the Medici family and their unprecedented success and I was too loud about my discovery. Somebody in the area found out that I uncovered this secret and tipped off men that would kill me if thy could only catch me. These secrets will be revealed soon in a three part report on dumpybitch.com, a safe haven for my blogging enterprises. Please realize that I am ok here in the woods and that this short leave of absence will end soon when everything is revealed. I would like to take the time right now in case I don’t make it through this plight that I deeply love all of you who have followed my artwork as well as my various blogs on the internet. Your support has always been heartwarming and an inspiration. In these dark times its been a joy to see this support once again after three long months without much contact from the outside world. I hope to see you all again soon. Peace and Love From the Cave in the Woods.

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