Senior Thesis

I’ve decided that I’m going to scrap the election project and use the information I had mined there for some other project. I started to think more about what I am going to do for my senior thesis project at the end of the year 2011. In my research for my thesis project I’ve begun to think of ways in which I could combine my painting knowledge with my sculptural knowledge. I also want to use my collage work to directly inform what I will also do with my thesis project and the only thing I can think of directly related to all of these things was the original idea I had on creating full-scale museum dioramas. I want to be able to blend the idea of museum dioramas into art and I have begun to think of some sculptural ideas that are almost like dioramas. I’ve brought ideas that I’ve come up with in my dreams and begun to make them reality through sculpture and collage. I found in my dreams I make imagery that directly relates to things that have happened in the past and look forward to the future. One of the ideas that came from a dream was about a giant goat that was climbing up a Hollywood Hills neighborhood. When I awoke I realized that this could be used as an artwork and begun immediately researching taxidermy manikins. I found that you could buy pretty much any animal that can be legally hunted as a manikin form. These manikins are made out of hard foam similar to high density foam that industrial designers use to create models. My idea was to re-create a small Hollywood Hills neighborhood nestled in a mountainous area and then have a mountain goat manikin climbing up this neighborhood and stomping on the little houses. The more I thought about it I realized that the biblical Daniel had a vision of the “end times” in which a goat from the West and a goat from the East battled with each other over the Middle East with the Western goat winning but then ultimately being destroyed by God. I thought it very odd that I had a dream about this and could not deny that if I made a sculpture about this that it would be always be in reference to Daniel’s vision. The goat that I saw was from the West.
Another idea that I had come up with from a dream was when I dreamt that two people were standing almost face-to-face shouting at each other with megaphones. I didn’t realize that this could be an idea for an artwork until later on as I was reading about the time that led up to the Civil War. I had found that many people in Congress and elsewhere in the political realm had dueled out their differences. I loved the idea that a dueling set could be like a microcosm of the Civil War. The idea that both pistols were exactly the same was almost like a metaphor for the North and South. I wanted to re-create a dueling set that could express the times that we are now, a period of heavy disagreement and a polarized nation. Through my research of the media I’ve found that both sides of the media whether liberal or conservative were just as loud and were just as angry and got almost nowhere. I took the idea of the megaphones and decided to make a dueling set that contains not pistols but megaphones. This also brought me to the idea that I could create a video that could go along with the dueling set in which two people could re-create a duel using the megaphones. My hope is that the viewer will understand the connection that we have now with the times that led up to the Civil War. Perhaps now we are not even close to Civil War but we are close to some interesting times ahead of us that may contain squalor similar to the times that led to the Civil War.
Finally a third idea that I came up with showed itself to me in a dream as well. I dreamt that a friend of mine convinced me to steal the body of Blackbeard the Pirate from a museum. We had taken a tour with a group of people to the museum in which a woman showed us Blackbeard the Pirate’s flintlock pistols. After the tour my friend snuck into the back room came out with a treasure chest. Within the treasure chest was the severed body parts of Blackbeard the Pirate rapped in a shower curtain. This image stuck with me the next day and I decided that I would re-create what I saw in my dream by making a treasure chest with Blackbeard’s severed body parts wrapped in a shower curtain as well as some fake ice cubes made of clear resin. I’m not sure exactly what this means what in the dream my friend wished to cryogenically freeze Blackbeard the Pirate so that one day he could come back once again, that is, when medical science figured out how to fix his wounds.
My goal is to create as many thesis worthy artworks so that I have plenty of art works to choose from for the show as well as have a good portfolio before I leave school and consider graduate school. If you could please leave some comments of constructive criticism underneath my blog post, I would be much obliged.