April has always been a good month for me

The show Collage, Milwaukee and Abroad went off without a hitch. The space was free, the collages were free, the beer was free, and the pizza was free. I would even venture to say the people that came were even set free. There was plenty of people that showed, more then I had intended, so I sold a couple of my collage lighters and bought some people a couple of forty ounces in the hopes that they would stay a little longer. The show stayed open an extra hour and there was even an unplanned after-party at the Polish Falcon a couple of blocks away. Since then I have added nearly 15 friends on Facebook that I exclusively met at the show and have gotten an upwards of fifty views on my blog, so I believe that the show definitely paid off and was a hell of a lot of fun to put on. To view pictures of the show click here.

Also I have a couple works that I have since completed that are getting towards my new venture which I have begun to call “art dioramas”. These four pieces are only rough attempts at “dioramas” and I don’t feel that they are truly what I am looking for yet. However, I have realized that dioramas need quite a bit of planning and I have begun designing true dioramas that will hopefully be debuted over the summer in two group shows at the House Haus and The Jackpot Gallery.
Below are some diorama experiments.


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