New shows

As of late, I am showing my latest Chicken Skratch altered book at the UWM special collections building. Also I have begun curating a show that cotains strictly collage with my friend Sara Caron who is also a collage enthusiast. The show is called Collage, Milwaukee and Abroad. The show will feature collage from virtually unknown collage artists and others from around the world. We hopefully will have this show on the next gallery night which is usually the most popular gallery night here in Milwaukee. So far the response to this has one very good and you can view collages from the “abroad” category here . Finally I am also trying to put together a three person show that will be at the Jackpot gallery in Riverwest with my friends Skully and Nina. This show hasn’t really gotten together yet however and there is not really any word whether it will be possible from the gallery but none the less my hopes are high. These are all very exciting developments in my career as a student artist and April always proves to be a very busy month for me for some reason.


One thought on “New shows

  1. Hello Calvin (and Sara),

    thanks for putting up the Collage show in that wild building in Riverwest. An interesting approach to appropriation (not theft in the sense of that shelf), but spinning images back out into the world as if they were frisbes that you caught and flung on to the next person in line.

    Success in your endeavors.


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