The People Person Paper People

Recently, I signed up for some volunteer work at the Mitchell Park Domes as part of my required service learning at school.  At first I was very skeptical about doing volunteer work because I knew that it would be unpaid and I’m not getting a whole lot  of income.  o my happiness I found out that volunteer work at the Domes would entail making a display for their education center.  After some brainstorming, my supervisor and I made up several displays that I could create.  After much consideration I set my sights on a display in which I make paper using different plants found at the Domes.  I also plan on making other paper as well using other plants found in Wisconsin such as mushrooms (not a plant) or grasses.  Hopefully I will find other items that we normally throw away that can easily be recycled into scratch paper for home use.  Certainly paper making isn’t generally easy, especially when the fibers used are from their base plants, but I do believe it easy to get the equipment to do it for any common person who desires a fun way to save money and recycle in a rewarding fashion.  Hopefully after my hours of community service I will have a beautiful display that can help people think of new ways to help the environment.  I am excited for the results.domes


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