Taking breaks is kind of for sissies.  Well it is if you’re doing something that doesn’t involve a lot of exhersion. I guess if you ran ten miles and you wanted a break you really wouldn’t be a wuss, you’d be a real trooper.  Over the break however I kept at it.  There was a couple days where i really took it easy, slept in till 1, read Lord of The Rings, and played the game Pharaoh on my computer.  I worked on some things, some new ideas, even made a little music.  The biggest idea that I have been struggling with is to make my paintings and collages more three dimensional, literally.  This has been a long process that involves making what I would call a diorama, which is simply a concave backing that allows for the creation of more depth.  Within the dioramas I have been creating foam sculptures that fit within the composition.  The foam pieces are then coated with fiberglass so that the pieces are heavy duty and can be painted.

I have also recently been more musical lately.  Its hard to create music with alot of extra time because I usually make it by myself and is very work intensive.  But here is a new song that is going to be part of an album that has taken me about a year to make thus far and will probably take many more years to finish.

These are some collages I worked on as well, I wish to make these into the full scale “dioramas” I spoke of before.