pictures and documentation

Lately i’ve been finishing up some larger works, makeing them look more complete as well as documenting them.  they nmay not be complete but there going through some good changes.  Overall i want to add more texture to my large scale paintings on board.  Lately I have been experimenting with a wax based medium that is mixed with oil paint.  It carries the pigment alot more then damar varnish and adds great texture in place that are painted textural but still seem to remain flat when viewed.  Overall, the last sixteen weeks have been very productive and I have some good ideas going to combine sculpture with painting, which is my overall goal one day.  Here are some pictures of what i have been doing.  ALso are some images of the completed Chicken Skratch book.

I ahve also completed an online book that is available to view online or download and print off yer own copy at

ALso my guy Mitchell has got a pretty sweet blog and is a part of a really great comic book group.  check out his blog at and then check out the comic book blog at

FINALLY, a couple of weeks ago I was a part of a radio show late at night on a sunday called THE BROZONE.  I wasn’t aware that they did podcasts online of all of their radio shows and this has been up for a couple of weeks.  If you’re interested about this check it out here