mock up edition of 20

This is the mock up (with book board) for the edition of twenty.  The mock up is still pretty rough as far as the paper choice and some of the imagery has not yet being created to rid the pages underneath the front cover of white space that seems distracting.  The book is approximately 5 inches in diameter and has separate turn-able pages that reveal different views within the small portals. Here is the proposal book art proposal.


Chicken skratch completion with matching book stand

The book is complete and I am enthused to start refining it.  This week I have taken steps to help clean it up a bit.  I have created a book stand similar to the bible holder of a priest or a dictionary holder in a library.  This stand will be premanantly attached to the book and will create a podium for the book to be displayed.  I don’t have a picture of the book, it will come sooon.