new illustrations

These are new illustrations that will be used for the transitions book.  These illustrations will face on the right hand side of the book a short story that will correspond to each boy country boy1nuclear aftermath1wasteland1


One thought on “new illustrations

  1. Again….think bigger than this Calvin. Go back and revisit the website re: the Mayan Codices that we looked at in class. In an essay called “The Aesthetics of the Sounding of the Text,” J. Stephen Lansing wrote “…language, then, is far more than a colorless medium of communication, move even than a system of signs – for it plays a continuous active role in the processes of imagining and interpreting the world. It is from this perspective on language that we can appreciate the richness of the Southeast Asian concept of “sounding the text.” it is in the mind that the flow of sounds – music and language ‘ can join with visual images, even shadows, in the process Rothenberg has called “world-making and self-making.” The power to control the sounding of the text…is the power to create the world.”

    If you are going to use narrative and images… can you complicate your thinking about HOW they will work together – that will go beyond the typical idea of illustration??

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