The Connectedness of All Things

I really love the way this book turned out atheistically.  The paper weight for the last copy that i made was a bit too heavy and made some issues for the eightfold books to fit in the case.  Overall the book was very frustrating to make because the content was hard to design and doesn’t make that much sense to the viewer.  For me, I feel, the book strengthens the notion that everything around us is in a cycle.  The book states everything begins from one thing and it doesn’t matter how many times you multiply that one thing it will always return back to one.  Here are some pictures below.


Work on Chicken Skratch and others

The work on Chicken SKratch is coming along nicely.  I already have a base laid out as well as paragraph on how to decode chicken skratch laid out in block type.  My plans for the online book is not so far along however, I don’t want to make a typical self-portrait but I want to choose some subject matter that i can fill twenty pages with.  WHat I have been doing for it is writing some short stories about nature and maybe somehow incorporating that into this book with some collaged imagery.  Surely I can think of some way to make this into a self portrait.

Chicken Scratch

My altered book is mainly about birds, so naturally i struggled with how to create a secret written language.  Since birds can’t write, as far as we know, I decided that the birds needed to create a series of chicken scratches with their feet in order to communicate. Here is a rough draft of their writings as well as a brief drawing of what the layout of my book will probably look like.chicken scratch written language chicken scratch book layout