My Struggle

413305TSV_smWhy function?  Its curious to me that the norm puts so much emphasis on usefulness but yet at the same glorifies beauty.  If an item is very beautiful, such as a piece of art, but does not serve a greater function ,than simply looks, the average Joe probably will not attempt to buy it for $1500.  Yet at the same time if there is a very beautiful TV stand up for grabs for only $1500 the same Joe might think a bit differently about his decision.

Even to me, an artist, the latter seems like a more appealing buy at first glance.  It never originally occurs to anyone that if you find an original piece of art that you genuinely like you can experience it as many times as you wish but you really cannot experience functional objects in the same way because they lose their sanctity somehow.  How can seemingly functionless art overcome functional America?

Here’s another artform lost in a similar kind of dilemma


One thought on “My Struggle

  1. so….what is the function of a book? container? tool? (I guess a container IS a tool) object? What happens when a book becomes just an object? If you are interested in exploring this idea in your bookwork this semester – I am all for it.

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