the Slant Step


What is it? Or rather what is its function?  At first glance this object doesn’t mystify or make us ask any questions.  Only the patient observer that gives this object a moment of attention will notice that this object is functionless but yet it still exists.

This object was discovered by Bruce Nauman in a junk yard.  It looked like a stool but it wasn’t a stool because it was slanted and your feet would slide off if used as an extra step.  Thus the name “Slant Step” was given to the object.  The first time I ever read about the Slant Step I thought “Who cares, it’s a piece of garbage, obviously some one was smart enough to throw it away.” But the more I thought about it I found that I was very much attracted to objects like this, objects that appeared functional but are really functionless.  What is attractive about these objects is that their complete and udder purpose is to make us wonder why it is even here. The object is void of any useful purpose and thus is judged as garbage or a waste of breathe.  So in comparison with the Slant Step, you could ask “Why are we here? Why do we exist?”  The slant step is as pointless and backwards as humans are, yet we have a right to exist and we do.  Maybe that’s what the Slant Step is trying to tell us.


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